PMF Magazine Feature: Veedol

Granville and Veedol are pleased to announce our feature in the July/August issue (6) of the Professional Motor Factor and Professional Motor Mechanic magazine. 

The issue includes 2 full page features, presenting a Veedol Sintron C3 advertisement, highlighting the new Dexos2 approval, along with large product images of the 1 and 2 litre bottles. An additional page includes an article in which Garry Holland (Managing Director) and Paul McGee (National Sales Manager) talk about the introduction of Veedol to Granville and the UK market, outlining the benefits and fittingness of the Veedol brand within the UK. It also contains history of the Veedol brand, detailing various celebrated milestones Veedol has been a part of such as the first mass produced car (the Model T Ford), the first non-stop flight in 1931 across the Pacific Ocean in a monoplane (Miss Veedol) and the flight of the space shuttle Columbia in 1979.

Professional Motor Factor is the only title to target trade motor factors exclusively and an ABC audited circulation of 3,000 ensures PMF achieves broad market coverage. A highly pertinent readership from branch managers to managing directors enables suppliers to reach their core audience across independent factors to major nationals and buying groups.

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Article first published Friday 21st Jul 2017 15:30:33
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