5 Reasons To Stock Veedol

Veedol is world renowned as a leading motor oil brand – here are 5 advantages of stocking Veedol.Amazing heritage - Throughout the last century the brand was chosen by major OEM manufacturers due to the quality Veedol offered. Heritage, premium quality, professionalism and evolution are some of the features that describe the Veedol brand.OEM Approved- Facilities producing approved lubricants must meet stringent requirements so products holding approvals (such as Veedol) have undergone extensive manufacturer testing and analysis to ensure that they are 100% compatible with the requirements of the engines they are matched to.Trade advertising support – now advertising in PMM and PMF magazine.Special offers – a range of special offers available, not to be missed!Outstanding service – as always, customer service will be second to none - just add to your usual Granville stock order."vV76767787VvArticle first published Monday 20th Feb 2017 12:00:00
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