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Petro Patch Putty

Bat Aid


Electro Connector

Brake Cleaner

Brake Cleaner Pump Spray Applicator

Carb Cleaner

Penetrating Oil

Motovator & Applicator

Quick Start

Silicone Spray

Battery Top Up Water

Valve Grinding Paste

Ambertron Electrical Cleaner

40+ Multi Purpose Protective Lubricant

Engine Degreasant (Foam)

Engine Degreasant

Ultra Engine Degreasant

Driveway Cleaner

Green Degreasant

Power Spray

Exhaust Assembly Paste

Exhaust Repair Putty

Exhaust Repair Bandage

Instant Gasket Clear

XHT Instant Gasket - Red

HT Instant Gasket - Black

Bike Instant Gasket

Silicone Sealant

RTV Silicone Sealant

Cartridge Gun

Blue Gasket Sealant

Universal Blue

Radiator Stop Leak


Radiator Flush

Cylinder Block Repair

Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover

Traffic Film Remover

High Shine Wash & Wax

Cockpit Shine Gloss

Cockpit Shine Gloss Mixed Pack

Cockpit Shine Matt Lemon

Groom Upholstery Cleaner

Universal Wheel Cleaner

Turbo Fresh

Original Paste

Liquid Chrome Cleaner

Scratch Remover

Aluminium Power Cleaner

Aluminium Protective Oil

Anodized Aluminium Polish & Cleaner

Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner

Aluminium Polish & Cleaner

M1 Chrome Plated Plastic Cleaning Polish


Leather Cleaner

Motorcyle Dirtlifter

Showroom Polish

Marine Shine

Lockthread & Seal

Bearing Fit & Studlock

Sleeve & Bush Retainer

Rapid Set 6 Min Super Epoxy

Rear View Mirror Bonder


Multi-Purpose Grease

Copper Grease

CV Grease

White Grease With PTFE

Spray Grease

Lithium EP000 - Autolube Grease

Lithium EP00 - Semi Fluid Grease

Lithium EP0 - Chassis Grease

Lithium L2M - 5th Wheel Grease

Lithium Complex Grease (Red)

Graphite H/Duty Wheel Bearing Grease

Pin And Bush Grease

Marine White Grease

Red Rubber Grease

No.1 Hand Cleaner - Citrus Based

No.1 Pump Dispenser for 3L Container

Brushable Seam Sealer

Auto Body Sealer

PU Flex Sealer

Auto Spray Adhesive


Spray Underseal Aero

Underbody Schutz

Seat Covers White - Centre Fed

Premium Seat Covers - Centre Fed

Floor Mats (Re-Cycled)

Refuse Sacks


No. 7 3-ply Embossed Wiping Roll

Toilet Tissues

Latex Gloves

Powder Free Latex Gloves

Soft Vinyl Gloves

Engine Oil Treatment

Diesel Oil Treatment

Engine Stop Leak

Engine Flush

Stop Leak Power Steering Fluid

Stop Smoke For Oil

Petrol Injector Cleaner

Diesel Injector Cleaner

Diesel Stop Smoke

Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment

Silver Wheels

Clear Lacquer

Gloss Black

Matt Black

Satin Black

Grey Primer

White Primer

Cylinder Black

Floor Paint

Galvanised Primer

Rust Converter

Chassis Black

Smooth Black

Smooth White

Smooth Silver

Smooth Red

Smooth Blue

Smooth Yellow

Smooth Green

Hammered Black

Hammered White

Hammered Silver/Grey

Hammered Red

Hammered Dark Blue

Hammered Light Blue

Hammered Mid Green

Topaz 0W/30

Diamond 0W/40

FS 5W/40

FS-D 5W/40

FS-V 5W/30

FS-G 5W/30

FS-B 5W/30

FS-P 5W/30

FS-F 5W/30

Hypalube FS 5W/30

Platinum 10W/40

Platinum Diesel 10W/40

Topaz Diesel 5W/40

Diesel Gold 15W/40

Gold 15W/50

Hypalube 10W/30

Roadster 20W/50

Roadster 30

Roadster 40

Hypalube Fully Synthetic 5W/40

Hypalube Semi Synthetic 5W/30

Hypalube Semi Synthetic 10W/40

Premium 20W/50

Hypalube Plus 15W/40

HDX 30 Diesel Lube

Hypalube 30

Supreme Fleet Fully Synthetic 10W/40

Supreme Fleet Semi Synthetic 10W/40

Supreme Fleet Mineral 15W/40

Minerva SHPD 100 10W/40

Minerva SHPD 60 15W/40

Minerva SHPD 15W/40

ATF Dexron II

ATF Dexron III

EP 80/90 GL4

Epex 80/90

EP 75W/90 Semi-Synthetic


EP 140

EP 85W/140

Brake Fluid Dot 4

Brake Fluid Dot 4 ESP

Brake Fluid Dot 5.1

LHM Plus

CHF - Central Hydraulic Fluid

Town & City (Semi Synthetic Two Stroke)

Competition (Fully Synthetic Two Stroke)

Two Stroke

Two Stroke Marine Oil

Flushing Oil

Chainsaw Oil

4 Stroke Lawnmower Oil

Jack Oil

Engine Flush

Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner

Power Steering Fluid

Hydro Suspension Fluid

Hydraulic 32

Hydraulic 46

Hydraulic 68

Hydraulic 100

Super Universal Tractor Oil 15W/30

Universal Tractor Transmission Fluid

Absorb Industrial Grade Spillage Absorbent

Multi Zorb (Clay Based)

New Safety Tread Oil Absorbent

Double Drum Spill Pallet

Four Drum Spill Pallet

All Seasons Screenwash

Sub Zero Antifreeze

Zerocol Red Antifreeze

2 Litre Measuring Jug With Spout & Lid

Large 3 Piece Funnel Set (70,160 & 250mm)

6" Anti Spill Funnel With Strainer & Flexi Spout

205 Litre Barrel Pump

Pump Thread Converter

205 Litre Self Closing Metal Barrel Tap 3/4" BSP

Portable Gear Oil Pump Unit

25 Litre Drum Pump

25 & 20 Litre Plastic Drum Tap

Side Lever Grease Gun

Marine Woodsealer

Marine Top Gloss

Marine Clearsealer

Marine Wooden Deck Cleaner

Marine Crack Seal

Garden Clearsealer

Garden Woodsealer

Garden Furniture Woodsealer

Garden Furniture & Decking Cleaner

FS-R 5W/30


25 Litre Lubricant Bar

Landlube 10W/30 Super Universal Tractor Oil

Sub Zero Green

One Shot Screenwash

Sub Zero De-Icer

FS Motorsport 10W/60

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

Catalytic Convertor Cleaner

Alloy Wheel Cleaner*

Bumper & Exterior Trim Shine*

Glass Cleaner*

Tyre Shine

5 Litre Lubricant Stand (Metal Shelves)

FS-PD 5W/40

Battery Terminal Grease

Sub Zero -30 Screenwash

Snow Shovel Large

Hylotyte Red

Rain Repellent


Windscreen Washer Additive

Engine Treatment

Synthetic Engine Treatment

Manual Gearbox Treatment

Fuel System Treatment

Power Steering Fluid

Ultra Norsk Air Freshener

Cool Foot Air Freshener

2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent

FS-ECO 5W/20

EP 75W/80

LS 80W/90

MTF 94

ATF Dexron VI

CVT Fluid

Floor Mats Carpet

Floor Mats Rubber Trimmable

Floor Mats Premium Rubber Trimmable

Floor Mats Premium Carpet/Rubber

Floor Mats Luxury Carpet

80 x 30m - Double Radius

150 x 30m - Double Radius

203 x 30m - Double Radius

150 x 30m - No Radius

95 x 30m - No Radius

80 x 30m - No Radius

80 x 30mm - Double Radius

130 x 30mm - Double Radius

150 x 30mm - Double Radius

203 x 30mm - Double Radius

130 x 30mm - No Radius

150 x 30mm - No Radius

80 x 30mm - No Radius

80 x 30mm - Double Radius

130 x 30mm - Double Radius

150 x 30mm - Double Radius

203 x 30mm - Double Radius

130 x 30mm - No Radius

95 x 30mm - No Radius

150 x 30mm - No Radius

160 x 30mm - Double Radius

160 x 50mm - Single Radius

160 x 50mm - Single Radius

160 x 50mm - Double Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Double Radius

95 x 50mm - Single Radius

95 x 25mm - Single Radius

76 x 25mm - Double Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

160 x 30mm - Single Radius

150 x 25mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Double Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Double Radius

150 x 25mm - Double Radius

130 x 25mm - Double Radius

95 x 25mm - Single Radius

160 x 30mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Double Radius

120 x 35mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius (Pink) 14mm

150 x 50mm - Single Radius (Pink) 5/8"

150 x 50mm - Single Radius (Red) 14mm

150 x 50mm - Single Radius (Red) 5/8"

150 x 50mm - Double Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Double Radius

180 x 30mm - Single Radius

130 x 30mm - Single Radius

95 x 50mm - Single Radius

95 x 25mm - Single Radius

160 x 30mm - Single Radius

150 x 50mm - Double Radius

130mm - Tie-on

140mm - Tie-on

165mm - Tie-on

180mm - Tie-on

205mm - Tie-on

215mm - Tie-on

230mm - Tie-on

76mm - Fast-fix

125mm - Fast-fix

150mm - Fast-fix

180mm - Fast-fix

205mm - Fast-fix

230mm - Fast-fix

76mm - Fast-fix

130mm - Fast-fix

155mm - Fast-fix

165mm - Tie-on

200mm - Fast-fix

150mm - Fast-fix

200mm - Double Sided

175 x 25mm

175 x 25mm

150 x 25mm

Cushioned Backing Plate - 76mm - 6mm

Cushioned Backing Plate - 76mm - 14mm

Cushioned Backing Plate - 115mm - 14mm

Plastic Backing Plate - 115mm - 14mm

Plastic Backing Plate - 115mm - 5/8"

Rubber Backing Plate - 145mm - 14mm

Rubber Plate - 145mm - 5/8"

Cupped Pad Backing Plate - 175mm - 14mm

Centering Tool For Use With VEL508/509/830

Fast-fix Backing Plate - 60mm - 6mm

Double Sided Bonnet Adaptor - 14mm

Premium Genuine Chamois Leather

Economy Genuine Chamois Leather

Synthetic Chammy


Cotton Duster

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - Blue

Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloth

Microfibre Drying Cloths

Microfibre Cloth Roll

Handy Car Sponge

Large Car Sponge

Giant Car Sponge

Jumbo Car Sponge

Bug Shifter Car Sponge

Whopper Car Sponge

Upholstery Sponge

Household & Decorators Sponge

Micro Eraser Sponge - 10 pack

Car Wash Bucket - Black

Super Extending Brush - Double

Super Extending Brush - Replacement Head

Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush

Silicone Flexible Blade

Chenille Wash Mitt - Orange

Synthetic Lambswool Mitt - Coffee

Stripe & Moulding Adhesive Remover

Daisy Abrasive Block

Surface Preparation Pads

Fine Sanding Pads

155mm - Tie-on

Superior Synthetic Chammy

Stockinette Cut Lengths

Polish Applicator Pad - White Circular

Floor Mats Entry Level Carpet

Heavy Duty Brake Cleaner Dispenser

Hypalube Evo Fully Synthetic 5W/30

Petrol EGR Valve Cleaner

Diesel EGR Valve Cleaner

Heavy Duty Anti Slip Floor Paint Additive

No.1 Wall Mounted Dispenser for 2.5 Litre Cart

White Line Paint

Windshield Repair Kit

Color Magic Plus

Color Magic Scratch Remover

Original Paste Wax

Zip Wax Wash & Wax

Wet 'n' Black

Wheel Clean

Bug & Tar Remover

Instant Puncture Repair

Fresh Shine Cockpit Shine

Black in a Flash

Interior 1 Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner

Black Box

Headlight Restorer Kit

Refine & Shine Clay Bar Kit

Waterless Wash

Ceramic Brake Grease

EP3 Grease

Mass Airflow Meter

FS-M 5W/30

FS-E 0W/20

Express Handwax

Wash 'n' Wax

Wash 'n' Shine

Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Trim & Rubber Cleaner

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Traffic Film Remover

Bluing Remover

80 x 30mm - Single Radius

Brilliant Shampoo

Supersoft Polishing Cloth - 20m

Zip Wax Wash & Wax 500ml +100% FREE

Power Cut 141

Final Finish 320

Deep Cleaning Windscreen Kit

DCT Fluid

Express Wax

Nano Protection Hard Wax

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

LDS Fluid

Hypalube C3 5W/30

Floor Mats Heavy Duty Carpet/Rubber (Fixed Pedal)

Little Joe

Hypalube C1 5W/30

Hypalube C2 5W/30

Hypalube C4 5W/30

Rust Repair Gel

Rust Repair

Gloss White

Red Primer

Primer Filler

Plastic Primer

Plastic Water Repellent

Upholstery Repel Guard

Product Starter Pack

Floor Mats Rubber

Floor Mats 3pc Rubber Trimmable

Little Joe Counter Display

Hypalube PD 5W/40

Running In Oil

Essentials Glass Cleaner

Essentials Wheel Cleaner

Essentials Car Wax

Essentials Cockpit Cleaner Matt

Essentials Cockpit Cleaner Gloss

Essentials Upholstery Cleaner

Essentials Scratch Remover

Essentials Orange Burst

Essentials Zip Wax

Green Line Carnauba Car Wax

Green Line Original Liquid

Green Line Original Paste Wax

Green Line Renew Polish

Green Line Wax It Wet

Green Line Liquid Shine

Green Line Waterless Wash

Green Line Fresh Shine

Green Line Interior 1 Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner

Green Line Luxe Leather

Green Line Dry Touch Plastic Care

Green Line Dash & Glass

Green Line All Wheel Cleaner

Green Line Tyre & Bumper Gel

Green Line Wet 'n' Black

Green Line Bug & Tar Remover

Green Line Black In A Flash

Green Line Clearvue Glass Clean


ATF 1375.4

MTF FS 75W/80

MTF FS 75W/90


Scents Organic Counter Display

Green Line Soft Top Kit

Belt Dressing

Contact Cleaner

Air Conditioning System Cleaner

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