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  • 10k
  • Ambersil
  • Auto Expressions
  • Autosol
  • Big Wipes
  • Burgess
  • Ce-lit
  • Chemico
  • Gunk
  • Hylomar
  • Kraco
  • Nova
  • Rain-X
  • Samsonal
  • Slick 50
  • Turtle Wax

    Turtle Wax Instant Puncture Repair

    Mends and re-inflates tyres. Aqua based formulation - will not harm rubber. Suitable for cars, caravans, trailers, MPV's and 4 x 4's.
    SizePart No
    500ml AeroFG5111

    Gunk Ultra Engine Degreasant

    Featuring the latest technology in cleaning & degreasing and is a powerful water based product suitable for a variety of applications.
    SizePart No
    500ml Trigger6601
    5 Litre 6868

    Gunk Engine Degreasant (Foam)

    A powerful and effective foam degreaser that can be used in a variety of applications providing the ultimate cleaning performance.
    SizePart No
    500ml Aero6729

    Gunk Engine Degreasant

    A powerful and effective degreaser that can be used in a wide range of cleaning applications including automotive, industrial and agricultural. Gunk is the world's leading brand of water soluble engine degreasant.
    SizePart No
    500ml Aero6731
    500ml Tin6732
    1 Litre 6733
    2.5 Litre 6738
    5 Litre 6734
    25 Litre 6735

    Gunk Green Degreasant

    Gunk Green is a non- hazardous water soluble bio-degradable degreasant. Effectively removes grime, grease and stains from various surfaces including metal alloys and is safe for use with plastics, rubber and paintwork. Can also be used to clean concrete, tiled or plastic surfaces.
    SizePart No
    1 Litre 6863

    Gunk Power Spray

    Power Spray has been specially formulated for use with all types of pressure washers. Suitable for cleaning all types of hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac, block paving, brickwork and timber decking.
    SizePart No
    5 Litre 6855

    Gunk Driveway Cleaner

    Removes unsightly oil stains from driveways, garage floors, paths and patios. Can be diluted for use on asphalt and tarmac.
    SizePart No
    1 Litre 6830
    2 Litre 6832

    Ambersil 40+ Multi Purpose Protective Lubricant

    Multi purpose, protective lubricant - one can with a thousand uses! All angle use.
    SizePart No
    400ml Aero2591

    Ambersil Ambertron Electrical Cleaner

    Highly effective cleaning solvent-leaves no residue. Ideal for cleaning low voltage electrical parts.
    SizePart No
    400ml Aero6401

    Chemico Valve Grinding Paste

    The original valve grinding paste, supplied with both smooth and course in one tin.
    SizePart No
    100g 0331

    Granville Petro Patch Putty

    A fast acting metal epoxy putty which repairs leaks fast on petrol, oil, diesel and water tanks, burst pipes and leaking radiators.
    SizePart No
    50g 0455

    Granville Bat Aid

    Prolongs the life of good batteries and revitalises old batteries by removing harmful deposits that accumulate on battery plates.
    SizePart No
    24g 0020

    Granville Amberlight

    A single coat amber lacquer for headlights especially for continental driving.
    SizePart No
    9ml 0010

    Granville Electro Connector

    Do-it-yourself Electrical Repair Kit for repairing broken rear window demisters, printed circuit boards and many other low voltage electrical connections.
    SizePart No
    3g 0375

    Granville Carb Cleaner

    Improves engine efficiency and fuel economy by removing varnish and gum residues from carburettors and automatic chokes.
    SizePart No
    500ml Aero0653

    Granville Brake Cleaner

    An effective non-trich formulation, removes dirt, grease, brake fluid and brake lining dust from brake systems.
    SizePart No
    500ml Aero0654
    5 Litre 0969
    25 Litre 1035

    Granville Brake Cleaner Pump Spray Applicator

    Heavy duty dispenser with solvent resistant neoprene seals.
    SizePart No

    Granville Heavy Duty Brake Cleaner Dispenser

    SizePart No
    1 Litre 0580

    Granville Silicone Spray

    Active stainless polysiloxane lubricating and releasing agent - prevents rust, corrosion and sticking on a variety of materials.
    SizePart No
    600ml Aero0727

    Granville Quick Start

    Quickstart is a spray additive which aids engine starting even in the coldest weather conditions. For diesel, petrol, paraffin engines and garden/plant equipment.
    SizePart No
    300ml 0050

    Granville Motovator & Applicator

    Multi purpose dewatering fluid, lubricant and rust inhibitor - one application will usually remove rust and scale and leave an oily film to maintain protection.
    SizePart No
    5 Litre 0031

    Granville Penetrating Oil

    A powerful penetrating fluid which frees seized and rusted parts, especially exhaust clamps and brake adjusters.
    SizePart No
    400ml Aero0040

    Granville Battery Top Up Water

    (De-ionised) conforms to BS4974 for use in lead-acid batteries and steam irons.
    SizePart No
    1 Litre 0540
    5 Litre 0541
    25 Litre 0542

    Granville Windshield Repair Kit

    SizePart No
    1g 600001

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