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    Burgess Marine Woodsealer

    Ideal for use on all exterior wooden and plywood surfaces on a variety of vessels including Smacks, Bawleys and Clinker yachts. Also suitable for decking, strakes and capping rails etc. It contains UV blocking pigments which helps to prevent degradation of wood by the sun's rays. Will not crack or craze like varnish.

    Woodsealer can be used either as a complete treatment leaving a matt finish or as a primer to be over coated with Top Gloss or Clearsealer.
    SizePart No
    500ml 0729
    1 Litre 0752
    2.5 Litre 0748
    5 Litre 0749

    Burgess Marine Clearsealer

    For the treatment of wood in areas not subject to direct sunlight. It is ideal for interior use where minimum colouration is required. Clearsealer is UV resistant but unlike Burgess Woodsealer it does not contain UV blocking agents that protect the wood therefore, when used on exterior surfaces, it should always be used as a top coat in conjunction with Woodsealer.
    SizePart No
    500ml 0730
    1 Litre 0731
    2.5 Litre 0732
    5 Litre 0733

    Burgess Marine Top Gloss

    Burgess Top Gloss is formulated from similar, but harder, resins to those used in Woodsealer. This gives a crystal clear gloss finish if applied over the matt finish of Woodsealer. Burgess Top Gloss is ultra violet stable but does not have UV blockers and so for exteriors should be used over the top of Marine Woodsealer.
    SizePart No
    500ml 0744
    1 Litre 0745
    2.5 Litre 0746
    5 Litre 0747

    Burgess Marine Crack Seal

    Burgess Crackseal is a highly penetrating resin carried by water. It will work its way into the smallest cracks and penetrate wherever water is able to. Water will not stop Crackseal from getting into the crack. It must be allowed to dry to form a tough, flexible seal.
    SizePart No
    100ml 0750

    Burgess Marine Wooden Deck Cleaner

    Burgess Marine Wooden Deck Cleaner is a water based biodegradable environmentally friendly, powerful sequestriant. It lifts grey weather stains, grime, grease, moss and dirt.

    Suitable for all woodwork including decks and gangways. The ideal treatment prior to applying Burgess Woodsealer or standard teak oil.
    SizePart No
    1 Litre 0824

    Autosol Marine Shine

    Ideal for cleaning, polishing and protecting bright metal parts, plastic and fibreglass on all types of craft.
    SizePart No
    75ml 0466
    1kg Tin0465

    Autosol Waterline Cleaner

    Cleans discoloured and algae covered surfaces at water line level. Loosens lime and salt spots, as well as dirt and light oxidation on painted and metal surfaces. Contains corrosion inhibitors and pleasant lemon fragrance.
    SizePart No
    250ml 15700

    Autosol Boat Combi Polish

    Restores shine on oxidised and dull surfaces. Removes fine scratches. Leaves a weather resistant protective layer of polymer wax after application.
    SizePart No
    500ml 15200

    Autosol Boat Wax

    A liquid hard wax without abrasives, that provides a brilliant shine and protects against weather, wear & UV radiation.
    SizePart No
    500ml 15000

    Autosol Waterless Instant Clean & Polish Cleaner

    Simply apply and wipe off dirt in one go! Unique formulation encapsulates the dirt on the shining cloth leaving a scratch and watermark-free, clean, polished, protected surface. Suitable for use on alloy, metal, paintwork, plastic and rubber.
    SizePart No
    500ml Aero2741

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