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  • 10k
  • Ambersil
  • Auto Expressions
  • Autosol
  • Big Wipes
  • Burgess
  • Ce-lit
  • Chemico
  • Gunk
  • Hylomar
  • Jenolite
  • Kraco
  • Nova
  • Rain-X
  • Samsonal
  • Slick 50
  • Turtle Wax

    Autosol Megatabs

    A powerful and effective screenwash in tablet form, ideal for keeping in gloveboxes. One tablet makes 4 litres of screenwash.
    SizePart No
    8 Tablets 05570

    Autosol One Shot Screenwash

    Highly concentrated (100:1) cleaner for use in car windscreen and headlight washers. Removes stubborn contamination quickly and easily.
    SizePart No
    32ml 005530

    Autosol Paste

    Brilliant chrome, aluminium and metal polish. Cleans, polishes and protects virtually all metals.
    SizePart No
    75ml Tube0400
    750ml Tin0402

    Autosol Liquid Chrome Cleaner

    Especially useful for motorbikes and cycles.
    SizePart No
    250ml 0401

    Autosol Shine

    All purpose metal polish specifically for the janitorial, commercial and leisure market sectors.
    SizePart No
    50ml 0468
    75ml 0470
    1kg 0472

    Autosol Leather Cleaner

    A deep-conditioning cream for all smooth leathers in vehicles and in the home.
    SizePart No
    75ml 3107

    Autosol Aluminium Power Cleaner

    Powerful aluminium and aluminium alloy cleaner, removes dirt, grease and oily residues. Suitable for use in home, workshop, including areas close to food.
    SizePart No
    500ml 18000

    Autosol Aluminium Protective Oil

    Removes small amounts of dirt such as dust, streaks and fingerprints, and leaves a water repellent protective layer.
    SizePart No
    400ml 18100

    Autosol Aluminium Polish & Cleaner

    For cleaning and polishing uncoated aluminium.
    SizePart No
    75ml 001824

    Autosol Anodized Aluminium Polish & Cleaner

    For cleaning and polishing all types of anodized aluminium.
    SizePart No
    75ml 001920

    Autosol Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner

    Ideal for cleaning and polishing exhaust systems, catering surfaces, industrial machinery etc.
    SizePart No
    75ml 001734

    Autosol Gold & Silver Polish

    For cleaning fine Gold & Silver.
    SizePart No
    75ml 0461

    Autosol Scratch Remover

    For lacquer coatings and transparent plastics. Use on helmet visors, convertible rear windows, mobile phone displays, watch faces, windows in aircrafts, boats and fine scratches on lacquered paint. Removes grime and fine scratches & leaves a shiny finish that protects against weather.
    SizePart No
    75ml 001300

    Autosol M1 Chrome Plated Plastic Cleaning Polish

    For chrome plated synthetic materials with gloss or matt finish.
    SizePart No
    75ml 001910

    Autosol Showroom Polish

    Brings back "that new look" to dull paintwork, plastic, alloy and bright metals. Leaves the treated area protected by a thin layer of wax/resin. Ideal on custom paintwork and delicate metals. Does not smear or stick.
    SizePart No
    250ml 2727

    Autosol Autosol Bluing Remover

    SizePart No
    125ml 012903

    Autosol Motorcyle Dirtlifter

    Removes stubborn grease, mud, traffic film and insect remains. Ideal for pre-wash before applying polish.
    SizePart No
    1 Litre 2734

    Autosol Marine Shine

    Ideal for cleaning, polishing and protecting bright metal parts, plastic and fibreglass on all types of craft.
    SizePart No
    75ml 0466
    1kg Tin0465

    Autosol Waterless Instant Clean & Polish Cleaner

    Simply apply and wipe off dirt in one go! Unique formulation encapsulates the dirt on the shining cloth leaving a scratch and watermark-free, clean, polished, protected surface. Suitable for use on alloy, metal, paintwork, plastic and rubber.
    SizePart No
    500ml Aero2741

    Autosol Megabrite

    SizePart No
    100g 0680
    1kg 0681

    Autosol Roadster 20W/50

    A conventional multigrade engine oil designed to preserve and protect classic engines. Specially blended using high quality mineral oils and selected additives making it ideally suited to older technology particularly 60's, 70's and 80's classic car engines.
    SizePart No
    5 Litre 0392

    Autosol Roadster 30

    Suitable for vintage and classic vehicle engines also for manual gearboxes of this period.
    SizePart No
    5 Litre 0399

    Autosol Roadster 40

    A traditional non detergent motor oil specifically for use in vintage and classic vehicle engines.
    SizePart No
    5 Litre 0398

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